Now the headline will not be seen on X

Now the headline will not be seen on X, Elon Musk gave this offer to journalists

If you are also a journalist, then Elon Musk has an offer for you. Elon Musk has invited the superstar on X (formerly Twitter). Elon Musk has said in one of his posts that if you are a journalist and want to earn more along with more freedom, then publish your article directly on X.

It is being said in many reports that Elon Musk wants to end the link to the stock news on X. In such a situation, he will soon be launched on Feature X as a blogger. Earlier, Musk had said that media houses should take money for reading news on X. If this happens then X’s client will have to pay per article account or take a monthly subscription.

There is also news that the headline of all the news shared on Elon Musk X will be removed. After this change, only photo and news links on X. If you want to share any news with a headline then you can do it manually.

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Elon Musk has said in another post that at this time there is no such social media site that can be called the best, although he also said that he is trying to make a better social media platform.

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